The JoE Transcript: Chapter Two

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Here is the transcript of Chapter Two! This was a relatively slow paced episode but I think that it is setting up for a great next episode. The transcript is cut and dry, but if you can manage to head over to the Storytelling Podcast page, the audio is something I’m really proud of. I enjoy the sound effects and I think my only learning curve at the moment is to talk slower. In the future I’d love to have episodes that range from 15-20 minutes and I’m just on the cusp of that with about 10 minutes of actually storytelling audio. That’s enough chit-chattering for now, enjoy!

The Journey of Emeline: Chapter Two


The turquoise underbelly of a white crashing wave tumbles Emeline around and around like a weightless doll. Suddenly the sandy shore smacks against her, or rather, her against it. Clawing her fingers into the wet sand, she digs herself further onto land, gasping and reaching for air. Where are Aleida and Dain? She scans frantically out across the horizon, before the world in front of her goes dark again.


Emeline wakes up clutching her chest. Sweat dripping from her brow, the sun trickles in from the flaps of her tent. It’s already late morning and she was supposed to be up before dawn to miss the rush of marketplace vendors and the nosey children who tend to peak into strangers tents. With a rush of energy Emeline forgets about her nightmare and grabs her pack to begin gathering her rest site together. Pulling her hair back into a loose braid and tying it with piece of string, Emeline clothes herself in the aired out white cotton dress and her wool cloak, now patched and ready her the journey ahead of her. The day before, while Emeline was traveling down into Low Ground, she could see the mountains. She knew they were there but in the valley, at the line of the forest she could only hope that she’d head the right way, and make it there before dark.


The wind was picking up today and there was fear that she had already waited too long to beat what was coming to this town. After the last night at home, her and her siblings had managed to make it safely out of Boldog and stay far enough ahead of the Wind to make it to Biztosan. There her siblings stayed until she returned to them. Emeline had been dodging from town to town, traveling through cities and swamps to make it to the mountains. Here, she hoped, she would find answers. The last Awakening had lasted 10 years. It was a powerful source of alchemy but there was no time to doubt the power of humanity.


Toes dug into the hard, forest ground, Emeline headed further South, leaving the poor town behind her, hoping she could save them too. Ahead, she moved along swiftly, leaves fluttering behind and underneath her feet as she crushed over them, ever so slowly getting closer to the mountain. Around the afternoon she stopped and sat on a log that had fallen from a rotting tree. The river creeped by and schools of fish went swimming along, their scales dancing in the sunlight. She was nearly three miles off the mountain trail and she was sure that there was time to spare. Getting off the log, and kneeling at the river bed, Emeline bent over and cupped her hands and started to pull long drinks of cool water to her mouth. She rarely did this because some water sources were dangerous to drink from. The sun was hot and the air was dry so it would be dangerous to not stop to get some water, but she didn’t have time to boil it. Leaves crunching behind her. Warning bells went off in her head and she knew she had spent too much time occupying herself with the rivers water. Instinctively, Emeline removed from her back the slim, elm longbow and plucked an arrow from her quiver and held the bow to her eye, ready to fire. The forest was silent, but her heart was thumping in her chest as a Nagyfox emerges from the brush. It growls low and it limps into the clearing, unhappy with what it has stumbled across, but obviously harmed. The pup seemed to be at half age, and wasn’t yet a fully grown Nagyfox, which could grow to be a towering size.


Emeline  lowered her bow, and gave the injured fox some space. Her brow was wrinkled with worry that she had already spent too much time at the drinking spot, but how was she going to leave this helpless animal here without at least trying to help. Her mother had been one of the towns midwives. She knew all the remedies for sickness or ailments and that was what Emeline had been forced to study when she wasn’t out in the woods with Father. In her pack Emeline had a glass jar of honey still on the comb, a few long, thin cuts of fabric for binding, and some healing paste made of some herbs her mother had packed away for emergencies. Emeline laid the honeycomb out for the fox to stay occupied while she moved slowly around to the injured leg. It didn’t look serious but the Nagyfox wasnt going anywhere without proper care. As she neared the fox’s back leg and reached out he turned his head and snapped at her, causing her to jump back and trip on a tree root.


Again, she approached the wounded fox and cooed and hushed him, until she was kneeling near him again. This time she was able to put the paste on a strip of cloth, and then place the cloth on the wound and wrap the leg. The fox seemed to take to her and looked at Emeline with pleading eyes. Suddenly, she could hear it, the thick sound of the Wind. The faint whisper of distant shouting. Removing the quiver and bow from her back, Emeline grabs her bag from near the log and places the injured fox in the pack. Securing him safely to her back she grabs discarded weapons and continues SouthEast along the river, finding a shallow section and wading quickly across, and disappearing into the dense forest.


[ howling wind ]


Inside the cavern just off the main path of the Mazas Mountains, a small fire was burning politely, sizzling and snapping, and casting long shadows against the rock walls. Resting in the back of the cave was the fox that Emeline saved hours earlier, licking his dark, heavy coat. Emeline was laid out in the cave floor, barely cognisant of what was going on outside as the wind howled and the snow creeped closer into the fire where it melted in pools of liquid around her. Hazy eyed, leaning up on one elbow she pulls her pack to the other side of her where it won’t get damaged by the elements and opens a small tan package that had been given to her months earlier while she was still in the village of Biztosan. The package contained a folded map of the Mazas Mountains, with a bunch of  notes written in a language that wasn’t familiar. The map seemed to have some parts crossed off, but at what seemed to be the highest peak of the mountain, there was a red smudge mark. Rifling through the rest of the contents in the package she found a note:


To whom it may concern,


If you are in possession of this letter then that means that The Great Awakening is upon us again. It is a force that is harmful to anything that crosses its wake. Trees rot, animals fade and die away, and mankind altogether is driven to the brink of insanity town after town after town. If you are in possession of this letter then that means you already have the tools to turn back. You must turn back. Be brave, and know that the rest is in your hands.





Long into the night she stared at this note over and over until the words started to blur together. The fire would keep the both of them warm until morning, and the Wind could not get them in the deep of the mountain. The Wind swept over plains and easily through the forest trees, but She was no match for the winding and curving of the snowy paths. Emeline slept through the night, tossing and turning with the waves. Turquoise shades of water and white foamy ocean spray splashed around in her head. She lay on the sandy shores of her dreams again, scanning the horizon. The fire crackled as she slept and her black fox watched her with a deliberate eye as she mumbled, dreaming. Then all was quiet, except the howling winds of the Mazas Mountains.  

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