February Newsletter

Good evening to you all,

There are crazy, awesome things happening soon folks! I have just gotten my podcast to Stitcher and iTunes. So regardless of what smart phone or device you listen to podcasts on, you should be covered! If you aren’t, let me know. Besides that awesome news, I have decided to rebrand. My podcast is so much more than myself, and thus came the name The ASMR Garden. I could go on ranting and raving about my love for gardens in general, and the peaceful quietness that more of them bring me, but some of you maybe hate dirt and worms so I’ll move on. It is still created by me, Meli, your ASMR loving girl, but with a (lets just be honest) better title. But that isn’t the only awesome thing happening this week…

That brings me to my Mini-series.

I am really happy to be able to release the details of my Mini-Series that I am beginning the last week of February, the 28th! This will be a four part series dealing with the Four elements. The four elements are of course Water, Earth, Air, and Fire. The episodes will appear in that order on Wednesday of each week, for four weeks.

The exciting thing about these Mini-series is that they will all be around 30 minutes long, and will be both part of my Podcast, as well as a video that I will post on my website as well as on my instagram. I think the best part of a podcast is all the different ways to enjoy it. I listen to most of my podcasts in the car or while I’m doing classwork. There are sometimes when I want to listen to ASMR to calm me down and if I am driving I know that it would be a terrible idea to pull up Youtube and use my phone data or risk not paying attention.

That being said, giving you listeners the option to listen or to watch and listen is something I am so happy to be able to do. I would love to do more video/ podcast combos and if it’s something that you all enjoy then I will amp it up. Now, this is where all of you lovely listeners come into play. On my Contact page, I have a form where you all can submit your suggestions for other Mini-Series. It should have four parts which represent each week of the month. Listeners can also submit suggestions by commenting through my Social Medias

All my social medias are staying the same so don’t try to find The ASMR Garden!

Instagram: @asmrmeliofficial

Twitter: @asmrmeli



I have my Mini-Series decided up until July so I am giving plenty of time for suggestions. Until then I hope that what I have chosen and the Main Series I have will give all of you enough content until the summer when I can spend lots and lots of more time!


Until Wednesday,



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