May Newsletter

May Newsletter

Hello all my beautiful people!

Welcome to the very delayed May Newsletter. I am currently putting a whole lot of things together for all of you who managed to stumble across this barren website! My Emeline series is taking a huge 180 turn! I am posting the same (weekends) but they will be longer! How about 7 pages of script rather than 3-4? That is a huge step up, and in the end it makes my chapters 40-50 minutes in length rather than 13-25. My thought process on this was that when listening to a podcast, I always enjoy the ones that reach nearly an hour ( I’m not there yet) rather than short ones. 

This involves me putting in a lot of hard work which I am totally ready for. The only downside is that the sound effects I was putting minute detail in before, will have to be eased back to save me from pulling out my own hair. However, the quality will still be as excellent as I can. I record all my audio with a Blue Yeti (I understand this is not the worst nor best equipment) and I do have 3 cats I try to record around. All of this is a learning curve but with time, I hope to become flawless in this profession. 

My mini series may OR may not be put on hold. One thing I try to work on during my podcasting career as well as my other career is organization and scheduling. If I can manage to craft and perfect these skills, you all may see something other than my Emeline series in the next few months. Either way, you’ll be hearing (and maybe seeing?) a lot more from me. 


Don’t forget to follow my social medias and comment below or email me for any suggestions or critiques that you may have! I hope to get to know all of you better, and to open up more of myself to this podcasting/blogging life. I hope that sleep comes to all of you tonight, and that you’ll have a wonderful tomorrow. 


meli xx

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