Congratulations, friends! (Listen if you’re cool)

HEY YOU! Thank you so much for listening! On Sunday evening, November 18th I am going to be releasing an episode with 50 ASMR Triggers! This is to celebrate the 50,000 listens that we reached last week, and the 50 episode mark that I hit around then as well! It couldn’t be done without you, each and everyone of you.

So to make Sunday even better, I want to hear from you! What do you love to hear when you’re ready to relax? Tapping, scratching, whispers and tingles? I will even do a Reading of names. All you need to do to enter in your suggestions is to either

  1. Email your suggestion(s) at asmrmelibusiness@gmail.com
  2. Message your suggestions(s) on Facebook or Instagram @theasmrgarden
  3. Comment or email me through my website asmrmeli.com

The more suggestions I get, the better experience it will be! Either way, Sunday will have 50 various ASMR triggers, and I am sure a whole bunch of Thanks You’s!


Meli xx

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