Fading In and Out | Assorted Triggers

Welcome welcome welcome to The ASMR Garden! Tonight, I do some fun, basic triggers as a storm rolls in. Along with some fun effects, I hope to calm you down and relax you before bed! Enjoy x ** I will be back in July and will be taking a short summer break to prepare more content! Talk to you soon. 

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  • Sarah Hankins

    Hey Meli, I was wondering where you were and was worried something happened to you! I left a comment on your channel on Apple Podcast. I usually don’t read the descriptions and didn’t see your note on having a summer break! I’m glad your taking some time off, everyone needs a break now and then. I love your content. I’ve tried finding people to listen to but nobody compares to you! 🙂 I hope you’ve a nice and relaxing break and get a lot more ideas for your channel! If you need a suggestion, I loooove brushing the mic! I also loved it when you did the whispers in the background! My brother and sister don’t like asmr and think it’s only eating a honeycomb! I told them it wasn’t and it really is very relaxing! I think when asmr was blowing up, people only reposted the cringy videos of asmr and gave it a bad rep which makes me sad. Asmr IS an art and you are very good at it! Thank you for sticking in there and helping me sleep at night! Love you! Can’t wait to see what is in store for you and your channel!

    • Meli

      Youre so sweet, thank you so much for your kind words! I will try and mention more things within the actual episode but sometimes I forget hehe! I will write down your suggestions and I would love to give you a little shout out for sending me a message and being so honest and uplifting. I am so glad I came across your message here. I think ASMR, like most niche things, is very misunderstood and my family reacts the same way yours does lol. I wish it was more understood, but at least we are on the same page 🙂 I am so lucky to have you as a listener, and I hope you have a wonderful day! You have given me so much courage today, and I am just so honored like wow thank you. So so so much love your way Sarah <3

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