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I have some really exciting news pertaining to the course of which I am taking this podcast! I consider this to be a storytelling podcast. I first was doing installments of The Velveteen Rabbit but I want to make sure that I am doing everything legally. That being said, I have decided to write and create my own story. Episode One will be out this evening, Friday Dec 15, 2017. Every weekend I will be uploading the JOE chapters.

One of my favorite things to do to help myself fall asleep is to put myself into another world or into another life. I like to imagine that I live in Northern California and I wake up early every morning and walk to the beach or that I am famous and interact with some of my favorite celebrities. Here I have in some ways put myself into this characters shoes, and taken myself on this fascinating adventure. I hope that you’ll join me, and have an adventure of your own. All podcasts have ASMR content and are equipped with sounds that put you right in the scene of the story. For those of you who may be interested in the story and not so much the ASMR, I will be posting the script on the Episodes page for anyone to read.

I wanted to present a background story before the first episode is launched so it is best to read the excerpt below, but not necessary to understand what I’ve already recorded and edited in my podcast. So for those of you who love MORE, here is more. Enjoy the Journey of Emeline.


The Journey of Emeline: Prologue

Every light in Boldog is out, and there is only a simple breeze that runs through the citadel streets. It’s late, but no one sleeps. Families are huddled in their homes, clutching their children, hushing their babies. The wind picks up, and the sound of fear, thick like fog, covers the town. It starts on the North end, near the farm houses with their tall, yellow corn that would be ready any day now. Cows, sheep, and goats moo and bleat as something comes over them. The season of Awakening was beginning again. Something that only Emeline had heard in passing, hushed voices wondering if something so destructive could return.

The sound of the wind was getting louder and now there wasn’t just animals making commotion but townspeople screaming and running in chaos. Emeline and her family lived in the south end of the town, near the forest. Her youngest brother Dain was holding onto his favorite stray kitten in the corner of the kitchen near mother while Aleida, her younger sister paced around their wooden table, peering outside every once in awhile, obviously nervous. The sound was nearing their two story home and there seemed to be no time to plan an escape. The wind had picked up suddenly, and though the townsfolk had forseen something tragic, it would have been madness for everyone to pack up their lives and go to the next town over.

“Father, we must run! What is waiting for us here if we stay?” Aleida was nearly panicking as she grabbed her wide-eyed father by the shoulders and pleaded with him. Father had lived long enough to know that the five of them stood no chance at out running the Awakening. If they did, how would he find enough food to save them from starvation. He raised his worried eyes to his eldest daughter Emeline, who was perched on the wooden stairs that led to the second story, frozen in terror.

“Daughter, édes csillag, my sweet star, you must go. Take Dain and Aleida to the Southern ridge of Biztosan, here you will be safe. There is a small stone house just off the town a few paces East. You will know when you are there. This is not just the season of Awakening, but the hour of Sötét. Go!”

Emeline began to protest, but the wind was so near now she could hear its deep call. Mother was already in the other room filling a pack of bread and hastily putting warm clothes around her youngest children. Soon Father was beside her again, placing into her hand his elm longbow. Without a word he was ushering them to the back door of the house.

” If you make it to Biztosan, do not come back. We must await the end of this season, your Mother and I, alone. Emeline you must go now. Do not look back, but do not forget to remember.” With a final push, Emeline and her brother and sister were pushed from the only home they had known, into the cold, dark night. Emeline picked up her brother and her and Aleida ran for the forest. Fifty paces out they could hear their mother shouting in her Boldog tongue, “Ebren maradok, újra várlak.” 

Awake I shall stay, awaiting you, again.

Happy Holidays, my friends




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