Welcome to The ASMR Garden!

The ASMR Garden is a podcast dedicated specifically to content that provides an autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR). That response is hopefully to relax, calm, and put listeners into a stress-free state or sleep. Meli, the creator of the show, encountered many sleepless nights before coming across ASMR, and now shares her own tips, tricks, and triggers to those who struggle with similar anxiety and sleep issues!

Since the podcast’s debut in January of 2018, there have been over 80 episodes produced, and a total of 280,000+ downloads from over 14 different countries including The United States, United Kingdoms, Canada, Germany, and Australia. The ASMR Garden is featured on Apple Podcast, Deezer, Spotify, Stitcher, and many other directories to reach listeners at home.

 Weekly Schedule:

For the 2020 Garden Schedule, I am going to be posting regularly on Sunday’s!

Check out my Instagram at @theasmrgarden for a closer look at what I put into my podcast episodes, and to connect with other’s who listen! Don’t forget to send me a message and say “Hello!”