You’ve come to the calm place.

It’s Meli here, hoping that you can find comfort in the simple stories.

You can find those stories in the EPISODES page or my BLOG page where I share some of the things I’m writing. Currently, I’m working on a story called The Journey of Emeline. The podcast is an auditorial story that puts listeners directly into the scene itself with realistic sounds and a detailed script.


If you don’t know what ASMR is then I suggest that you listen to this podcast episode I put out!

 Weekly Schedule:

For the rest of the year I will be posting Sunday’s and Friday’s. Sundays are the wild card day, where I usually do rambles, ASMR triggers, and role-plays and readings. Friday’s are when I post The Journey of Emeline chapter but these will only come out every other week.


Check out my Instagram at @theasmrgarden for ASMR videos and clues as to what my episodes are for every week!